Monday, March 23, 2009

Seamaster II Progress

Nearing completion! Certainly not the best covering job I have done! But, that is no reflection on the builder, Art Aube. I just didn't take enough time to prepare the surface and some of the materials I used, namely SIG Aerokote, simply didn't want to stick well in some places. So, I used a mix of Aerokote, Monokote, and Polycover! Just didn't want to stop and purchase more Ultracoat so I used whatever I had at hand! Don't particularly like the way the bow came out - should have changed the shape of the blue covering. Oh Well!!

Still have to add some more details, make the hatch hold down, battery supports, and install the electronics. AUW is presently 49.6 ozs with all the gear and two TP 2S1P 2200 Extremes (will be in series).


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