Tuesday, December 11, 2007

K & A Models Grumman G-73 Mallard

Getting this plane back on the bench after finishing the LT-25e. Planning to use Axi Silver 2208/20 brushless motors, Castle Creations Thunderbird 18 ESCs, and Thunderpower 3 cell 2100 mah Lipos and 6x4 3-bladed props. This should generate about 225 watts at 23 amps. The wing is done and fitted to the hull. Motor mounts are glued in place. Motor ESCs are wired up. I spent about 15 minutes setting up what I hope is “Differental throttle control” with my Spektrum DX7. When switched on, you can speed up the left or right motor with the rudder. The DX7 has a very nice servo position display that helps greatly performing this type of mixing. This feature will eliminate the water rudder. Update: I was able to set up the three mixes thanks to the servo position display on the DX7. Fantastic device! Isn't technology wonderful!! Anyway, when I activate the mixes with a switch, the left motor will speed up for a right turn and right for a left turn. How much speedup depends on how much I move the rudder left or right. This morning, I connected all the motors, receiver and battery and tested with a tachometer. Works GREAT! Up to about 1800 rpm speedup with present settings. I may have to adjust the mixes after I find out how much differential is really needed for effective steering. I believe this method will be more effective than a water rudder.

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